Sunday, May 02, 2010

Michael Jackson Gay Affair Story Angers Joe Jackson & Fans

This past week when ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT ran a story with a former physician to Michael Jackson claiming knowledge of a gay affair by the singer, it unleashed a firestorm of angry death threats by fans.

Dr. Arnold Klein was a long-time best friend and physician both to the late pop superstar. And Dr. Klein created a real firestorm when he alleged that an assistant of his, Office Manager Jason Pfeiffer had a gay affair with the singer. Not only were fans outraged, but Michael Jackson's dad, Joe Jackson has now entered the war of words with Klein. But, Klein insists that he's telling the truth.

However, Klein's statements raise some important issues of whether the doctor violated some level of professional ethics by making such statements public. If the information about the singer's sexuality were part of a medical disclosure, then some serious ethics issues might be at play here. But whether that's a California state medical violation or not might be a matter of opinion or debate.


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