Thursday, March 06, 2008

Would You Buy A Used War From This Man?

If anything, a McCain term as president would only mean little more than being a third Bush term and bring in all of the prowar public policies that Bush brought in. As a war for cheap oil, Iraq was a miserable failure that only resulted in higher prices. Oil was only $28 a barrel when Bush entered office, but actually topped $104 a barrel yesterday. In any measure, the oil company driven war in Iraq only failed to bring about more supply or better prices. It was a huge failure for the old-time colonial imperialist foreign policy of the major nations using military force to invade weak developing nations to seize their mineral assets.

Iraq was thought to have 225 billion barrels of undiscovered oil, which would have been a 98 year supply of oil for the U.S. at current consumption rates. Instead the U.S. got bogged down into first a protrected battle mopping up the most hardline of Saddam's Republican Guard elements, then Al Qaeda and secular combatants from the warring Sunni and Shiite sects, and the widespread development of oil in Iraq by the very same oil companies who wanted the war to begin with soon fizzled.

John McCain means little more than years and years more of a U.S. commitment to the Iraq mistake, if not even an even worse effort to attack Iran as well. The problem is that no MidEast problem is quickly resolved, and any commitment into the MidEast ends up in decades or even centuries of problems. Do you really want to buy a used war from these men?