Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Witch Strikes Back!

Just when it looked ever so likely that the voters of America might just reject the same old politics as usual and embrace the fresh new and hopeful candidacy of Senator Barack Obama, the Clinton attack machine pulled out all the claws and nails and joined in with the Republican attacks on Obama and sucker punched up his campaign ever so badly and raised a whole number of unfair and overblown attacks and cut into his 11 state win momentum. Clinton managed to pull off wins in three of four contests yesterday with her selfish tactics, in which she could care less what damage actually does to the Democratic Party in November as whole, just as long as she can win the nomination for herself is the only moral justification behind her resurgent efforts to wrest the nomination back from Obama.

Clinton apparently successfully raised some fresh voter doubts about the "experience" factor of Obama with her 11th hour "red phone" ads. However Obama appeared to be too much of a gentleman, or not really interested in party destruction to raise the real problems of any real Clinton "experience". The fact of the matter is that when Clinton was in charge of things it often ended up either in scandal or miserable failure. From her law office she helped to leave the Whitewater mess as a dangling problem dogging the early days of the Clinton White House. As First Lady, she managed to allow the White House "Travelgate" mess to happen under her leadership as well. When she took on the responsibility of promoting the Clinton Health Care plan, it not only miserably failed, but she also proved the inability to work that well with others including the Republican opposition members of Congress. Clinton also never served in the military, yet according to her "red phone" ad she claimed that America needs her military experience answering the red phone if a real crisis develops. God help the country if she's ever elected president and has to answer the red phone during a real crisis given her history of past failues. Even her campaign was in desperate condition with her back against the wall because it was not all that well managed either, with no real viable plans that extended beyond Super Tuesday, allowing Obama a wide opening to assert his candidacy to the old politics as usual Clinton machine.

Clinton didn't prove that she was the superior candidate this Tuedsday, only that she could raise a particulary nasty campaign when she's under pressure and facing possible political elimination. Maybe that sort of a nasty politics could possiby win a general election. But should it? It's morally bankrupt on so many levels. Right now Clinton has barely proven that she can even win her party nomination with her form of old style politics and personality.

The Republicans may choose their leadership by handing it to some old guard loyal party member whose time has finally come even if it is often long past their most useful years, much like the old Soviet poliburo once did. Reagan, Dole and McCain certainly seem to carve from this model. You can hardly expect to progress or advance of the social agenda under such leadership. Obama offers something fresh, a staunch progressive liberal for a change and is certainly a far better messenger than Clinton and more likely to deliver the goods in the end.

Obama also brought in millions of new or disaffected voters, including some Republicans tired of politics as usual. Unless his campaign can pick up the pieces and wrest back momentum from Clinton, then any Clinton-McCain November matchup will mean four more years of the same old politics as usual crap from either of these two. The Obama campaign is indeed standing at a crossroads today with some serious soul searching going since the dust settled on last night's results.