Monday, February 04, 2008

Ralph Nader Is Sure Sounding Like A Candidate For 2008

Ralph Nader just had to cast some shadow over Super Tuesday, and has sent out a new mass Email today which refers to Clinton and Obama as "corporate welfare kings". Nader further attacks Clinton for her service as a young lawyer to the "union-busting Wal-Mart" and Obama for keeping the nuclear option on the table in the event of a national security crisis.

Nader further seems to answer his own question about "who will challenge the corporate welfare kings?" by using the new website name,, which has to be just about as subtle as mallet.

Apparently Ralph Nader has yet to be convinced at the harm that was done to the country when he split the vote in 2000 and no doubt cost Al Gore the election with the narrow loss in Florida.

Ralph Nader is sure not going to elected in 2008. But if the race becomes very tight, he could once again prove to be a spoiler again. Rather than compromise some of his ideals for the sake of keeping regressives from taking the White House again, Nader shouldn't let his opinions or ego once again get in the way of some political compromise for the sake of the country. But the smart money is that Nader will run again. All the signs are sure there.


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