Friday, February 29, 2008

Texas And Ohio Debates Have Apparently Not Slowed Clinton Slippage

Fresh polls from Rasmussen and other polling organizations continue to suggest that the Texas and Ohio debates have failed to prevent further poll slippage by Clinton to Obama who now is seen as leading in Texas and close to Clinton in fresh Ohio polls. None of this is good news to Clinton who really needs big wins this Tuesday in Ohio or Texas to be seen as a viable candidate. And although she was able to raise a surprisingly healthy amount of campaign cash last month in excess of $30 million dollars, Clinton's campaign could be all be over if she should lose in both Texas and Ohio.

As things stand today, Clinton is only highly likely to win in tiny Rhode Island on Tuesday, lose in small Vermont, as well in the critical Texas primary, and the Ohio contest is nearly a toss-up with only a small 5 point advantage over Obama that could well disappear by Tueday if the current trend towards Obama continues. In the upcoming Pennsylvania Primary, Clinton is only ahead by a mere four points, which is a tiny and nervous lead considering the momentum of Obama. The campaign for the Democratic nomination could nearly be over this Tuesday if Clinton only manages a win in tiny Rhode Island.

Rudolph Giuliani watched his campaign for president end with the complete failure of his "firewall" in Florida. While Clinton is a better condition than this, still her campaign is falling behind Obama as more and more endorsements come his way and the Republican Party nominee John McCain has already targeted Obama as his November opponent.


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