Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Is Hillary's Campaign In Major League Trouble?

Over the weekend, Clinton managed to lose no less than five contests to Barack Obama in Washington, Virgin Islands, Louisiana, Nebraska and Maine. Today polls seem to indicate Clinton could stand to lose three more contests in Virginia, Maryland and the District Of Columbia. If this string of eight losses in a row materializes and Obama continues to build momentum how can the Clinton campaign not be concerned? Certainly this trend doesn't look good or heading in a positive direction.

But Clinton is not yet out for sure. Certainly her campaign is reeling with the string of losses, has money problems and has responded with changed campaign managers, yet can still manage a political comeback using primary contests in states like Wisconsin or Texas to make a stand and create a sort of last ditch, Obama-stopping firewall attempt. Will it work? Who knows at this point. But certainly Obama is the candidate building the big MO at this moment and even draws overall higher public approval numbers than either Clinton or McCain. In a general election, Obama is the only candidate who draws more than 50% public approval numbers right now at 52%. Clinton only garners 48% and McCain 47%. Obama may just be unstoppable.


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