Monday, February 11, 2008

Latest Delegate Count

The latest delegate count shows Hillary Clinton with a very slight lead in the Democratic race only because of the role of the superdelegates and John McCain closing in victory in the GOP race despite some late efforts by religious conservative, Mike Huckabee:

Democrats: Clinton total 1,148(Pledged 924, Superdelegates 224), Obama total 1,121(Pledged 986, Superdelegates 135), Edwards total 26(Pledged 26, Superdelegates 0), Others 0 - 2,025 needed to win

Republicans: McCain total 723(Pledged 697, Unpledged RNC 26), Romney total 286 pledged delegates, Huckabee total 217(Pledged 214, Unpledged RNC 3), Paul total 16 pledged delegates, Others 0 - 1,191 needed to nominate


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