Sunday, February 03, 2008

Rasmussen Reports Begins Daily Clinton-McCain 2008 Race Tracking Poll

Rasmussen Reports now seems so sure of Clinton-McCain matchup in November that they are beginning a daily tracking poll despite a close national tracking of Obama with Clinton and a dead even McCain-Romney Republican race.

Rasmussen appears to be weighing the likely strengths of Clinton and McCain in enough key Super Tuesday states to view these two as nearly unstoppable despite last ditch efforts by both Obama and Romney to wrest their party nominations.

Conservative talk radio personalities such as Rush Limbaugh hope to give romney some last ditch support and still continue to mischaraterize John McCain as a "liberal" despite him having the second most conservative voting record among U.S. senators in the 109th Congress. McCain's extent of bipartisan is hardly any greater than most in the senate, and his support for campaign financing reform was only in response to his major role as a leading figure in the "Keating Five" Lincoln Savings & Loan collapse scandal of the 1980's and his anger at George Bush's South Carolina primary win in 2000 that set back McCain's presidential ambitions by eight years. This is hardly any real sign of any "liberalism" of any type. If anything, McCain is even to the right than former Senator Barry Goldwater on many issues such as civil rights for Gays.


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