Friday, February 01, 2008

Romney Will Dip Into His Deep Pockets For A Last Ditch Attack Ad Campaign For Super Tuesday

Mitt Romney is going to dip into his deep financial pockets to fund a last ditch huge nationwide attack ad casmpaign in last hopes to stop John McCain on Super Tuesday. Romney's campaign is reeling after the loss in Florida and his last hopes of avoiding a Super Tueday knockout from McCain come from stopping him in as many states as possible.

Unlike the Democrats, where all races are proportional in delegates, some Republican contests such as Florida are winner-take-all events.

The campaign for Romney could well be over after Super Tuesday if McCain blows him out in one state after another. Whether this 11th hour effort really works remains to be seen, but likely is too late to do any real good or prevent McCain from grabbing the nomination.

Unlike the Democrats, the Republicans seem to choose their leaders more similiar to the old Soviet Polibureau system, where elderly leaders wait for turn to head the party long after their best days have passed. Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole and now John McCain seem to best represent this.