Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Portrait Of A Loser

It didn't very long into the count of the votes from Florida to see that Rudolph Giuliani's campaign for president was over after his patheticly weak third place finish. Like all the other indignities that Rudolph Giuliani has only brought on himself over the years, his stupid strategy to ignore all the early GOP contests and instead concentrate on Florida only proved a major disaster and a huge tactical mistake. Likely few serious candidates for president will ever want to follow this absurd strategy example ever again, and will instead compete strongly in all the early contests and attempt to build early momentum.

But it was not only Giuliani's absurd late effort campaign strategy that can be faulted, but also the problems with his police commissioner which brought some scandal to Giuliani as well running in a right wing party with many voters distrustful of the seemingly "New York" values of Giuliani. Compared to many voters in his party, Giuliani seemed slightly "liberal" compared to their values, which was only another real problem for him once all the problems began to snowball together. Maybe the multiple marriages didn't help either as well as his more tolerant views on abortion than most in his party as well.

Not that long ago Giuliani was considered the Republican frontrunner. Tonight he's only a major Loser spelled with a capital "L" and expected to drop out and voice support for John McCain as early as Wednesday. How far he fell in a very short time.


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Loser is right.


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