Saturday, November 10, 2007

Minuteman Organization Raises Hundreds Of Thousands For A Border Fence That's Difficult To Find

The Minuteman organization, the self proclaimed American protection organization against illegal border immigration has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for a border fence that's very difficult to find. On one farmer's land a few metal posts and some barb wire hold in a few cattle, and a few wood posts exist on another tract of land, but nothing remotely looks like a few hundred thousand in materials or labor.

The Minuteman organization was appealing from the American public for $55 million in donations for their border fence project. And the claim was that this would run all along the Southern border of the U.S. in the West. Yet with a wide mix of public and private land, the Minuteman organization would never had the legal right to build a privately funded border fence all along the border.

Originally a fence that would be similiar to the border security fence in Israel that is 14 feet high and with cameras and other security measures was claimed to be the goal of the Minuteman organization. On man gave $100,000 towards the project allby himself for example. Yet nothing even remotely resembles the Israeli security fence.

Like some many political cults, leadership of organizations make broad claims to their members to suck them dry for cash. Yet often there is little more to show than a few upper leadership members who profit from the organization. The Minuteman organization may have claimed to be a post nongovernment 9/11 American security organization. But for all the claims made and all the cash donations, little has really been achieved than some lighter wallets on the part of some gullible donors.


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