Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Top Ten Very Worst Halloween Costumes

Every year you see a few Halloween costumes so cheap and so bad, that you cannot help but laugh at the haste it took to throw these costumes together at the very last minute made out of a few homemade items.

Here's the top ten to avoid:

10. Costumes Involving A Noose. Not a good idea at all, and could be construed as racist in some cases. Even Halloween displays involving hanging witches are coming under fire this year. Not smart at all.

9.Shoe Polish Black Face Costumes. Not at all politically correct and potentially the source of some real problems. Avoid at all cost

8. Cold Cream On The Face, Towel On Head, Just Out Of The Shower Look Costume. Not much fun as it dries, and not that good of costume to even begin with.

7. "I Like Turtles" Zombie Kid Costume. Easy to make, but simply a bad idea following the 15 minutes of fame of a kid who had his face painted for a fair like a zombie, then nervously told a reporter that "I like Turtles". Now all over the videowebsties for some crazy reason.

6. Women's Clothing Drag Costumes. Seems fine and funny until you realize that the neighbors will start to talk about you. Leave your wife's clothes alone and think about a different costume.

5. Mom's Lipstick Frankenstein. Not only is this not scary, but it's a total mess to clean up those lipstick fake scar stains on the skin. Not smart.

4. Kitchen Flour Zombie Face Makeup. Not good at all if it rains. a real potential mess.

3. Toilet Paper Mummy. Fine if it doesn't rain. The minute it does your costume lays at your feet like shedded snake skin.

2. Kitchen Aluminum Foil Robot Costume. Could be effective if it didn't look so darn cheap nd laughable. Only a step above the cheap costumes often used for space aliens in the campy 1960's SciFi series, LOST IN SPACE.

1. Lovely Floral Pattern Ghost Bed sheet Costume. A bed sheet using a lovely floral pattern is simply laughable and not scary at all compared to using a white sheet. Use a white sheet or forget it.

There you have it kids, ten terrible last minute Halloween costumes to avoid at all costs.


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I like turtles!


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