Sunday, November 04, 2007

Musharraf Uses Overblown "Terrorism" Concerns To Hang On To Power

In Pakistan, strong George Bush ally, and dictator, Gen. Pervez Musharraf is overblowing concerns about "terrorism" in a desperation attempt to hang onto power. Like Bush who faced election concerns in 2004, Musharraf has found the terrorism issue a good one to overblow to curtail civil liberties and to avoid giving up power. Musharraf's arrest of opposition leaders or the replacement of the head of the Supreme Court ahead of an important election ruling really have nothing to do with any real terrorism concerns, but simply grabbing onto more power and becoming a worst dictator.

But with the state of emergency in Pakistan, world community fears are that opposition my build to Musharraf and increase the real presense of the Taliban or real terrorist agents. And with a growing fleet of nuclear weapons and missiles, there are further world comunity reasons to be concerned.

As a proliferation of nuclear weapons expands to worst and worst nations such as Pakistan, North Korea or even Iran, the world community has good reason to be concerned with the reasoning and wisdom of any of these states to be in control of such arms and has good reason to favor curbs on new nuclear states by peaceful and diplomatic means through international bodies and organizations.


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