Friday, November 02, 2007

St. George Bush: Patron Saint Of Philip Morris & The Big Tobacco Lobby

George Bush made his true feelings on SCHIP children's health care controversy when announced that he'll veto any plan from Congress that involves taxing the murderous tobacco industry. For all intents and purposes, St. George is the patron saint and protector of this industry that has both contributed to his campaigns for president as well as helped to pay for his inauguration costs. Bush is a mere puppet to his big tobacco puppeteers.

After my mother's death mainly as a result of secondhand smoke related illness from her former workplace, I wrote to Philip Morris about their continued failure to protect nonsmokers from their toxic products and secondhand smoke. So far the cowards at Philip Morris aren't even men enough to even write me back and offer me an apology for their role in murdering my mother. While not officially accepting any guilt, AFNI Collections at least sent me a memo indicating that they wish to drop any demand for $1,800 for a Verizon Wireless bill that my father never owed. That's better than Philip Morris. And Philip Morris helped to murder my mother so that they could profit and live in big homes or drive big cars!

Philip Morris may not have the time to offer apologies to the families of nonsmokers that they murder in their drive for tobacco profits, but they continue to have the time and money to spend most of $24 million to defeat children's health care in an Oregon special election and also continue to influence the Bush White House to oppose any children's health care that involves a tax on tobacco that would hurt sales and influence more smokers to get the message and to stop smoking, or at least smoking in very public places such as grocery store parking lots or business entrances.

George Bush always told us how religious he was. He's the patron saint of the tobacco industry as far as I'm concerned.


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