Monday, October 29, 2007

Great Halloween Zombie Movies To Own Or Rent

It's getting to be that time again to hunt up some creepy Halloween videos, and you can never go wrong with Zombie flicks.

Perhaps the very best Zombie flick out this season is PLANET TERROR, the first half of the Quentin Tarantino-Robert Rodriguez GRINDHOUSE DOUBLE FEATURE. This Robert Rodriquez film is a violent, artistic and trashy instant classic. A virus creates wierd zombielike creatures who battle with a one-legged stripper and other flawed human characters. A real gem.

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 3D isn't a masterpiece by any means, or even the best zombie film ever made. But the decent 1950's type 3D effect is certainly good enough to more than make up for any shortcomings of this film. Character actor Sid Haig is no Vincent Price, but certainly makes a creepy unsettling character who takes over a funeral home business from his deceased father, and fails to bury the bodies or medical waste experiments as he should. Body parts and bodies start coming back to life and threatening the living. Ghoulishly good fun overall.

FLIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is certainly a ripoff idea that that robs the filmmaking graves of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, AIRPORT and cult favorite, SNAKES ON A PLANE. Once again a virus is responsible for raising the dead. Great overall fun and certainly recommended viewing.

FIDO is a very good funny zombie flick, where humans keep zombies as housepets like a dog or cat, and expectedly with bad results. Real crazy concept, but great fun. A must-see film!

Some older zombie film honorable mentions: REVENGE OF THE LIVING DEAD GIRLS is an older French Euro-shock zombie film that is a must see for adult viewers due to very tough content. The Italian flick, ZOMBIE 2 is another must-see. Very tough content and NC-17 rating may keep some viewers away, but one of the very best zombie movies ever made. Ed Wood's laughable trash 1950's masterpiece, PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE is also another zombie themed movie that is so bad that it's actually good. This troubled film is so awful that you'll howl with laughter all through it. It's been considered by some critics to be the CITIZEN KANE of awful movies.

Certainly George Romero is the king of zombie filmmakers. And you can't go wrong on any of his films. His 1969 black and white, original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is excellent in every way. But his later films such as DAWN OF THE DEAD and other films are very good as well. In terms of zombie films, nobody does it better than Romero, although the Italian ZOMBIES 2 is as close to Romero in sheer terror quality as you can possiby get.

Have a happy and ghoulish Halloween and enjoy a great Zombie flick. Brains....


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