Monday, October 29, 2007

94mpg Coolster F5 - Beat High Gas Prices For Just $899

With the price of a barrel of oil currently flirting with $100, up sharply from the $2 price in 1973, you need this great 94 mile per gallon moped motor scooter from the ChuanL Motorcycle Manufacturing Co.

The Coolster F5 features fully automatic CVT fuel saving transmission, rear storage trunk, glovebox, locking steering for security, underseat storage, front disc brake, cast 10inch wheels, dual starting with either key push button or kickstart backup, self-charging 12volt motorcycle battery, rear drum brake, 2 sets of keys, stylish looks, large 71inch total length & more. All for just $899 delivered anywhere in the greater 48 states brand new on a shipping pallet. Some minor assembly required such as installing the battery and assembly of the front cowl with dual headlights and front handlebar assembly. Powerful 1cylinder 4 stroke clean burning gas engine with one gallon fuel tank is fully tuned and ready for use right after gassing up this beauty.

EPA and DOT approved. For sale for street or off-road use in all states but California. Be sure to wear a DOT approved motorcycle helmet or other safety clothing while driving this motor scooter. This is not a toy, but a sturdy replacement for the fuel hungry automobile.

No motorcycle license required in most states. This beauty can travel up to 30mph and can be licensed as a moped for everyday use. Only a driver's license is required in most states. Even your best hybrid automobile cannot come close to the 94mpg city mileage of this great fun to drive moped motor scooter.(94mpg is actual tested city mileage in stop-and-go city traffic use with new AMSOIL 4Stroke Motor Oil and 75w-90 in the gearbox. Your actual mileage with normal motor oil will likely be 83mpg. Some owners report mileage in the 70-117mpg range).

To purchase one of these for just $899(available in several colors), contact us at or check out for more information.