Sunday, August 19, 2007

Here's Some Way Cool Diecast From Ebay

One of my favorite sellers on Ebay just added some unusual diecast that is certainly worth bidding on. Mashinski, a Michigan dealer in fine diecast is offering this excellent replica of the 1958 Messershmitt Figer TG500 Sun Star at auction #190142119586 and is certainly worth the opening $9.95 bid asking price.

After WWII, Messershmitt slowly climbed back into production by building strange little automobiles while BMW was involved in the strange Isetta cars, where the only door was on the front of the car and you had to connect the steering to drive the car. I once rode in one of these cars. A strange but enjoyable experience.

For post WWII, Germany it was some stumbling attempts to rebuild their war damaged imdustrial base of the nation with these strange experiments in automobile design. Both cars had some real shortcomings, but are interesting curious history vehicles. The Messershmitt is especially an interesting design and this diecast replica is more than worthwhile to bid on and claim for your very own. You could do worse things today.


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