Friday, August 17, 2007

Is Dr. D. James Kennedy The AntiChrist?

A new outrageous spam Email is circulating worldwide by a self=proclaimed 27 yesr old prophet from Zambia claiming among other things, that right wing televangelist, Dr. D. James Kennedy is the AntiChrist. But is there ant truth to this?

Certainly in the text of the Bible some references to the Devil or Satan involved mere wrong interpretation of God's Word in Scripture, not a proposal of evil of some sort. But is mere wrong interpretation of Scripture grounds to claim that some preacher is the AntiChrist? Not likely.

Dr. D. James Kennedy, a former dance instructor turned head of a $37 million dollar a year "nonprofit" religious organization that heavily involves itself in right wing politics certainly uses a form of "bait and switch" Christianity to lure persons to his organization and then diverts them into his own brand of personal politics. But this is merely spiritual deception. Members of his church or other political ganizations should be concerned if their level of spiritual discernment is so low that they cannot tell the differnce between learning about God or learning about politics.

Certainly D. James Kennedy advances some disturbing opinons as well, most notably that the U.S. is "Christian nation", when the nation was in fact founded on the concept of religious freedom for all, but largely by a group of early Christians known as the Pilgrims.

And D. James Kennedy often raises funds by appeals to right wing passions when he has not proven the ability to even impact his own neighborhood. For example, he continues to rail against homosexuality and pornography, yet one of the nation's largest mail-order Gay adult video businesses operates right in his own community, as well as many other Gay or adult entertainment oriented businesses. And on abortion, Kennedy has hardly had much impact on slowing the availability of legal abortion in his community either. At some point, contributors to Kennedy must realize that he is merely a huckster who makes broad claims about being able to impact social concerns of his contributors if you send him milions of dollars in donations, but has little proven track record of any success, even in his own community.

So Kennedy is certainly not any AntiChrist by any means, but just some politico huckster who uses religion to advance his fundraising and political ambitions. Just another bad figure on the religious right who use God for their own fundraising purposes and will have to answer to God someday for all of this.


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