Monday, May 07, 2007

Sarkozy Must Address The Serious Issues Of Poverty In Immigrant Neighborhoods

The White House and American political right are celebrating the victory by right wing candidate, Nicholas Sarkozy in the French election. However, the unpredictable Sarkozy could become a real thorn in the side of the White House if things begin to go badly for Sarkozy since he has been known for cheap demagogery before. Sarkozy once supported the Bush war in Iraq back in 2003, but then started to back off as things weny badly. Sarkozy will do what's good for Sarkozy, and if creating a riff with the U.S. helps to bolster his standing among the French public, then he will do so.

But perhaps the greatest danger with Sarkozy is his tough "law and order" views, while promising little real change to improve the life of the numerous impoverished immigrants living in France, lured largely from the MidEast, who are now living in extreme poverty with very high unemployment. This huge pool of unemployed young men from the MidEast gives a fertile ground to radical fundamentalists to recruit fresh radicals who could even become terrorists, threatening not only France, but Europe and the U.S. as well. Positive political intervention by means of some sort of economic recovery plan for the immigrant neighborhoods of France is absolutely essential to avoiding more problems with radicalism taking roots.

France has long been the hub of many radical Islamic fundamentalists including the Ayatollah Khomeini who helped to engineer the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran from his home in exile in France.

The political right is keen for misjudging serious foreign policy matters. The Bush Admistration is exhibit A of this. And if the newly elected French President fails to improve the life of those living in his nation, then the threat from Islamic fundamentalists could grow.

Without povery and hope, many Muslim Immigrants with a job will follow moderate religious teachers and live a duo existence in France, as both a modern member of French society and as a Muslim. But poverty is the worst element that fuels the frustration at Western society that spurs dangerous radicalism in this community. Sarkozy better provide jobs to the unemployed and France and not destroy the social programs which help with poverty. If he doesn't, then the problems from this nation could have an international impact.


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