Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Giuliani's Straddling Of The Abortion Issue Leaves Few Happy

Rudolph Giuliani may reflect the conflicted views that many Americans have on the abortion issue, balancing the right of women to self determination over pregnancy to the morality of ending a little life to others, but his views seem to have made very few happy, and if anything are a major boat chain and anchor to his Republican Party presidential ambitions.

Some conservative talk show critics such as Laura Ingraham have even brought out fresh information of Giuliani making personal contributions to Planned Parenthood, while at the same time attempting to sound as if the possible overturn of Roe v. Wade might be acceptable to him. Giuliani even claimed to suport the appointment of conservative judges, another bit of "red meat" to throw out to the political right of his party. But his double standard here only raises real issues of hypocrisy as well as being a political phony that tells people what they want to hear when before one audience, and then entirely another story to another audience.

Giuliani is not striking many voters in his party as a winnable moderate-conservative, but simply as a political phony. His views on abortion don't impress many of the voters of his party as representing the balance of many Americans views on the subject, but instead only hurt his standing, especially among religious conservatives.

Giuliani may well have found an issue to paint himself into a corner that he cannot easily paint his way back out of. If the average American holds balanced opinions on abortion, then it is not a major issue. But for a Republican presidential candidate it certainly is. This party has an intense right wing of the party as well as a powerful wing of big business corporate supporters. Giuliani may not be the candidate that can attract either of these two powerful groups, and might be fighting for a shrinking middle ground of moderate voters in his party. Giuliani may be just one more reason why many Republicans are unhappy at their current candidates for president, despite 10 men running so far.

A new CNN poll, out just 56 minutes ago puts Giuliani at just 25% support, his worst showing among Republican voters yet. If anything this is more proof that the abortion issue might just be the deal breaker between Giuliani and his possible voters.


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