Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Russian Media Claims That Don Imus Was Destroyed By American Government To Suppress War Secrets After 9/11

In yet another bizarre twist to the Don Imus Affair, PRAVDA(Russian for "The Truth"), claims that the U.S. government was behind a conspiracy to silence shock jock Don Imus because he was about to reveal U.S. military secrets after 9/11.

With growing antiAmericanism running rampant in Russia, and much of it with some support from the Putin government, PRAVDA's intent seemed to be to paint a growing clamp-down on political dissent within the U.S, as a possible response to the heavy handed suppression of a political demonstration within Russia last weekend. But little evidence of any growing clamp-down on American free speech other than the known efforts of the Bush Administration within the Patroit Act or other already known activites exists. Demonstrators are already well known to local police agencies, but this is usually meant for violence suppression and little more. PRAVDA's claims seem to be with little real solid documentation support.

PRAVDA further claimed that the U.S. government cannot directly take down a popular figure such as Don Imus, so instead uses the media and an excuse such as the claimed "racial slur" to do the dirty work. However, the U.S. government has no real control over the media, and if anything, often find themselves at great odds.

Maybe the claimed conspiracy by U.S. war leaders that PRAVDA claims is for mainly domestic consumption. But it hardly seems like an accurate analysis of the events surrounding the Don Imus affair. Sometimes maybe a writer just needs to pen something, even if it's sheer nonsense just to justify their job as a writer. But the PRAVDA analysis is indeed a strange one.


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