Monday, April 16, 2007

Karl Rove's Quiet Tour Of America To Shore Up Support For The War & GOP Politics

White House political guru, Karl Rove has been on a quiet nationwide speaking tour across the U.S., including his visit to a packed Tigard, Oregon hotel with wealthy GOP business and political leaders this past Friday. Rove is hoping to shore up support for the war, raise GOP campaign funds and moltivate GOP faithful to go on the political attack against the Democrats.

Rove is a very controversial figure among the public, but still pure gold to the GOP faithful, whose hardcore take-no-prisoners sytle still inspires political moltivation as well as large political donations, despite a rising tide of public concerns about missing White House emails, documents with missing sections, and many Nixonsque Watergate inspired features about this administration. Both Cheney and Rove remain the top cash draws to fill crowded hotel conference rooms with wealthy donors willing to open up their wallets for policies that run far counter to the public's taste or will.

Rove hits all the popular high notes when preaching to a largely White male choir of wealthy business and political personalities who attend Rove's traveling political show. Rove ranting how Democrats will raise the taxes the wealthy corporate types pay is always a popular audience applause getter. And while support for the Iraq War probably wanes by the day among the general public, the Rove crowd can't get enough of his gung ho tough talk. Rove is typical of the tough talking Bush White House gang, where military service is actually very rare. Rove managed to skillfully make use of college deferments to avoid service in Vietnam. In December 1969, he drew a high #84 in the first ever draft for the war and managed other ways to avoid service, but to hear Rove on the political stump, you'd think that he was some hardened Marine or Special Forces soldier.

It doesn't really matter very much that Rove is yet another phony "chicken hawk" from the Bush White House, or always just about two steps away from some new controversary, or that his first marriage ended when his wife cited infidelity in the divorce papers. Rove may not have an upstanding reputation, but many GOP faithful still love his preaching to choir style, even if much of it is a pure crock. Rove is expected to remain a major component for the 2008 GOP politics, barring some career ending scandal that finally makes him radioactive.

Rove's traveling hokey medicine show is only expected to roll on from town to town, collecting funds from true believer's who think that Rove is still the cure to all ills, and not convinced that he's only another snakeoil salesman for stuff that simply doesn't work.


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