Friday, April 13, 2007

China Embarks On Amazing Program To Put Over 500 High Speed Trains Into Operation This Year

While many nation's railroads such as those in the U.S. continue to struggle, China is embarking on an amazing plan to add 280 high spped trains on April 18, with a total of 514 total high speed trains to be put into operation by year's end. Never in human history has the world ever seen the building and completion of so many trains and so much track in a single year. This is an amazing production schedule.

These high speed trains should run at average speeds of about 250kph compared to the current speed of 115kph of most trains. This should shorten the commute time between Chinese cities by over 50%. An amazing reduction in commuting time, increasing the productivity of Chinese society greatly.

This may be perhaps be the greatest leap forward for China ever.


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