Saturday, April 14, 2007

Don Imus Still Rates As More Popular Than Britney Spears Or Paris Hilton Among Americans

The caustic style of dethroned radio shock jock may not make him the favorite of every American, but Don Imus still remains more favorably viewed among Americans than either Britney Spears or Paris Hilton.

A new poll posted on the Rasmussen reports website finds that Don Imus still commands a favorable rating of 24% among Americans compared to just a 13% favorable rating for Britney Spears or just 12% for Paris Hilton. Don Imus has a combined unfavorable rating of 52% according to the poll.

Another new poll for CNN about Don Imus finds that just 31% of Whites, and 52% of African Americans believe that he is a racist, proving that there is not an overwelming consensus against the controversial radio talk show host among even the African American community, where many believe it has not been proven that he is a racist, but just outspoken and controversial.

51% of the public in the new Rasmussen poll also accepted that the Imus apology to the Rutgers' Wonen's Basketball Team was sincere as well.


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