Tuesday, April 17, 2007

People In Iraq Face Murder-Suicide Attacks Like The Rare One In Virginia Monday

As depressing as the violence in Virginia is, the fact of the matter is that violence on this level is rare for the United States, while civilians in Iraq face murder-suicide attacks each and every single day. An ethnocentric outlook on the part of many Americans that somehow ignores the grieving and intense anguished faces of relatives after learning that their loved one's were killed in some Baghdad marketplace seems to fall on uncaring hearts here in the U.S.

The supporters of Bush brought on this day to day violence in Iraq with their 2003 war, while the Democrats would merely like to ignore this cycle of killing, claiming they are supporting the U.S. troops by wanting the troops out as soon as possible despite whatever further deaths and violence it causes many more civilians inIraq every single day like some ghoulish clockwork.

The fact of the matter is that individuals, for whatever individual reasons will only continue to target persons with murder-suicide type violence both in the U.S. and in Iraq in the future. But the event should make Americans more concerned about how to actually stem this violence somewhat, as lives of humans no matter where they live are precious and a gift from God.

Will the day to day violence in Iraq help to stop it soon? Not likely. Can anything be done to stop senseless violence here? Not likely. A depressing reality check.


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