Saturday, April 14, 2007

Both Obama And Edwards Surging Past Possible GOP Choices Among Voters

New polls out this week from Rasmussen Reports find both John Edwards and Barack Obama opening up leads over possible GOP rivals. Both Obama and Edwards hold wide favorable to unfavorable ratings as well among possible voters, however Hillary Clinton has a 50-48% negative rating, and matches up the worst among the top three Democrats. Clinton continues to hold a lead among possible voters for the Democratic nomination at 34%, with Obama close at 29% and Edwards lagging at 15%.

The new polling now finds Obama running six points ahead of John McCain, compared to the statistical tie in the last poll, and 14 points ahead of Romney. For the first time, Edwards now outpolls Giuliani, and by 6 points. A big turnaround from all previous polls in which no leading Democrat was able to outpoll the popular Giuliani.


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