Sunday, April 15, 2007

Forget Radio, The Church Remains The Most Segregated Area Of America

For as much as the public was drawn to a discussion of race relations due to the Don Imus matter last week, it still is the church that remains the most segregated area of America. What should an area where all of mankind are brought together in peace and brotherhood to worship God, still only about 7% of the nations churches are considered to be multicultural or multracial in membership.

As much as Americans should be brought together to support fairness and justice for all, it is still the vitally important area of the church that lags far behind other areas of society that have long since accepted a multicultural diverse population.

Both Martin Luther King and Billy Graham expressed deep concerns about this dating back as far as the 1950's and 60's, yet little has changed in many American churches, where largely single cultures worship by themselves.

It is not enough to worry about multiculturalism in many areas, when the church yet remains the single worst holdout to multiculturalism. When this important area of American life remains the single worst holdout to change, then it can only be expected that the rest of American society lags in better race relations than it really should. Changing the church is vital to changing society. Change begins at the church door.


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