Wednesday, April 25, 2007

John McCain Officially Kicks Off His Losing Presidential Bid Today

As John McCain continues to sag in the polls, despite some serious doubts about Rudolph Giuliani, he officially kicks off his campaign which is nearly certain to go nowhere and be his last campaign for president. McCain has recently done very poorly in fund raising as well, and even fired his campaign finance manager.

John McCain is indeed a very nice and respected man. But by his recent hawkish views on the war in Iraq, his public support only seems to be sagging. And at times the former "plain talk" personality seems to be lost to McCain's views blowing in the wind.

John McCain will unfortunately only go down as some footnote in presidential politics, much like Morris Udall, Birch Bayh or other also rans who were also good men, but just never made it to the White House.


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