Monday, April 23, 2007

Russia Pushes Ahead For New Reactor In Iran

Despite world community concerns about the nuclear program in Iran, and Russia even signing on a U.N. position that Iran should comply with the IAEA standards, Russia continues moving ahead with the building of the Bushehr reactor, although nonpayment by Iran has slowed the shipment of nuclear fuel from Russia by months.

Iran seems to want to push ahead with it's nuclear ambitions on one hand, but is also difficult to deal with and unreliable on payments on the other hand. And in a futher sign of the erratic Tehran government, Iran ran air force live fire tests very close to the reator under construction, and completely failed to inform Russian workers about this.

In every possible way Iran continues to prove why nuclear power plants present a grave danger to the region, if not the world community. Yet Russia continues to enable Russia, despite all evidence that Iran is both erratic and unreliable as a client.

If the world community is really serious about keeping Iran from the development and possible misuse of nuclear sites, then Russia is only enabling Iran's bizarre and erratic ambitions.


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