Sunday, April 22, 2007

Robert "Evel" Knieval Inspires Mass Baptism At Crystal Cathedral

Robert "Evel" Knieval, long known as the tough as nails motorcycle stunt driver inspired an awesome display of faith and a move of the Holy Spirit when hundreds sought to be baptised on the spot after a deeply inspiring talk and his request for a public baptism by the founder of the Crystal Cathedral, the senior Rev. Robert Schuller. This awesome chuch service airs this weekend on a number of channels, and is perhaps the most powerful episode ever aired of this popular religious program.

The move of the Holy Spirit was so great in this church, that the younger Rev. Robert Schuller actually shelved his sermon, where he felt that he had nothing more to add to this awesome display of faith inspired by Robert "Evel" Knieval. Many persons simply attended the service for the music or other reasons, but were so moved by the powerful testimony of the nearly 69 year old retired motorcycle stuntman that hundreds responded to his call be baptised for the first time in their lives.

There are unfortunately few times that the awesome power of the Holy Spirit seems to manifest itself today in many churches. For such a powerful event to takle place in the Crystal Cathedral which draws together a large, but very general audience that includes many nonChristians and nonbelievers as well, is simply powerful to say the least.

This is an episode of The Hour Of Power you will want to record and watch again and again. Watching the sheer power of the Holy Spirit at work is an awesome event. An absolutely amazing episode of this very fine religious program.


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