Monday, April 23, 2007

While Capitalism Grows In China, So Does Communist Party Membership

While China continues to grow by the day as a major force in world commerce, the Communist Party Of China also continues growth with 70 million members, or up by six million members from 2002 when the party held it's last national Communist Party Conference. But there is a growing sense of representatives to be responsible to local concerns of voters, and efforts to make the one party nation more Democratic within the single party model system that also are growing. And the government continues to battle both corruption of government officials as well as ineffiencient business practices which slow the growth of vital industry such the growing automobile industry in China, which now is the third largest producer of automobiles and ahead of Germany in production figures.

China is also adding to the number of elected representatives and increasing their numbers to the new 17th Communist Party Conference to increase the sense of "democracy' as well. While some serious world community concerns about human right certainly continue, the growth of capitalism in China seems to evolving the nature of the Communist Party Of China in a slow, yet steady direction.

China is nowhere likely to have multiparty elections in the near future. Yet within the one party context, some baby steps towards democracy seem to influenced by the huge growth of business in China and it's open contact with the world community openly encouraged by the government and the widespread use of the internet. If anything, the Chinese interest in technology which fuels intense internet interest is bring new ideas to the nation, and making it appear more Western by the day. Also greatly spurring strong Western ties to China for trade are not just low priced products and wages, but also a very friendly and polite nature by Chinese businesses who are excellent to do business with.


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