Sunday, April 22, 2007

Poverty In Israel Worsens

For years, the mayors of the cities in Israel long ignored that any problem with hunger, poverty or homelessness existed in Israel. But now with influx of so many poor refugees from around the world with very little but the clothes on their back, cities in Israel are experiencing large influxes of very poor persons. Since some problems that started in the economy of Israel back in 2004, soup kitchens in cities like Tel Aviv are now crowded to the point of overflowing compacity.

Many of the persons who need the help of the soup kitchens of Israel in Israel are elderly Russian speaking persons, mentally ill, unemployed or facing other difficulties. There are many religious organizations including the one that is run by Pastor John Hagee of San Antonio Texas who feel that God has only opened the window for a short time for the jews of the world to return to Israel and resettle their ancient homeland. Unfortunately this often includes little more thana plane ticket to Israel.

The problem is growing so serious of so many in poverty settling into Israel and not able to find work or housing that it is straining local government to build low cost shelter or housing for the poor. Often outside help is needed from both Jewish and Christian charities, especially those located in the U.S. to pitch in. Some organizatins such as The Daughters Of Hadassah raise funds for absolutely free of charge medical care to anyone regardless of whether they be Israeli or Palestinian.

And the growing population of Israel also creates conflicts with those who want to start new settlements or those who are on land with sensitive political value. Whether Israel can get a handle on all of these serious problems remains to be seen. But much help is needed to resolve these serious challenges for Israel and the serious problem of poverty that many new immigrants bring to Israel with them.


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