Monday, April 23, 2007

Russia Aids Indian Development Of Supersonic Cruise Missile

Russia continues a major role in supplying or helping to develop fearsome weapons in developing world nations. Russian technolgy aided the development and the successful test this weekend of the BrahMos cruise missile with can carry a warhead 300km at an amazing speed of 2.8mach.

As more and more high technology weapons become traded with developing nations, then these nations often sell the technology to other nations and the cycle of arms proliferation only spreads through the world including nations so poor that many persons have little to eat, yet the government maintains a huge military.

Many high speed or high tech missiles really exceed normal defensive capabilities such as the new Indian missile, and only encourage a dangerous arms race with rival state Pakistan. And with the government of Pakistan really without widespread public support, the possibility that this government could loose power and nuclear or high tech weapons could fall into terrorist hands only greatly increases.

One thing is for certain; the genie is out of the bottle. With too many high tech weapons already existing between Pakistan and India, the possibility of these falling into bad hands grows as a danger.


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