Monday, April 23, 2007

Attorney General Gonzales Will Hold News Conference On Identity Theft In Attempt To Change The Subject And Keep His Job

After an absolutely terrible testimony last week before the U.S. Senate committee holding hearings on the firing of some U.S. attorneys by the Alberto Gonzales Justice Department, in which Gonzales claimed "I don't recall" more than 70 times, Gonzales will attempt to change the subject again on Monday with a newsconference on identity theft.

Certainly identity theft is a vital issue just like the safety of children on the internet is. But this marks the second high profile issue for Gonzales to promote while having serious problems over his handling of the attorney firings. Every high profile effort by Gonzales is now viewed as an act of political theatre to save his endangered job.

Gonzales now finds himself in a a no win situation where any new high profile effort launched by the Justice Department is now under some clout of skeptical opinion. At some point Mr. Gonzales needs to realize that his role as Attorney General is simply too damaged, and the huge loss of support among Republican senators is a major indication that it's really been all over for Gonzales for weeks now, yet he attempts to hang on. When Bush only draws public approval numbers in the 30's, the continued drag of the Gonzales affair along with the growing public disgust with the Iraq War leave this administration with neither a viable political future or a decent historic legacy. At some point, friend or no friend, the Bush Administration needs to cut Gonzales loose.


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