Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Giuliani's Terrorism Trashtalk

Rudolph Giuliani is apparently in full over compensation mode and wants the Republic primary voters to overlook his support for abortion rights or gun control among his Republican Party voters, so what does he decide to do? Trashtalk.

Giuliani claims that if a Democrat is elected that another 9/11 is likely. Well 9/11 happened during a Republican president didn't it? There isn't a great deal of logic in claiming that one party is less able to protect the nation than the other. It's merely trashtalk politics. And it will draw an angry response from many Democrats which may or may not help Giuliani in the Republican primary campaign to harden up his image. But in the general election such trashtalk is merely ignorant and intellectually unsulting.

Bush has been ther master of ignorant trashtalk in the last few years. Whether Giuliani acting more like Bush is a good thing or not certainly remains to be seen. This is going to be a very long two year campaign for the 2008 election.


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