Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Conservative Leaning Actors Kelsey Grammer And Patricia Heaton Working On News Media Sitcom

Conservative leaning actors Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton are working on a new sitcom about the news media named, "ACTION NEWS". It is not known whether the program is a conventional sitcom or involves some conservative suspicions about the media in a right leaning spin manner. Heaton was best known for running recent ads countering those of Michael J. Fox on the stem cell research issue on the November ballot in Missouri.

Whether the project will be picked up by a major network remains to be seen. CBS will have an opening on it's schedule when THE KING OF QUEENS wraps up it's run this May. And NBC isn't really interested in any new shows with higher costs such as dramas or new sitcoms in the near future, and will feature more low budget game shows and reality programming to cut costs in the near future. That leaves FOX as the only likely choice outside of CBS to shop this pilot as the costs to the very low rated CW network are probably out of it's reach to lure a higher priced talent like Kelset Grammer. Grammer does have a long running relationship with NBC, which could possiby act as a lure for NBC to make an exception to their new belt tightening philosophy to cut network expenses.


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