Monday, January 22, 2007

Schwarzenegger's Empty Health Plan

Arnold Schwarzenegger's empty health plan proposal is not unlike the empty proposal of former Massachusett's big business Governor Mitt Romney. Both are empty bills that even Wal-Mart would love. Insurance companies, with big corporate lobby efforts would be the main benefactors of the Schwarzenegger proposal which even goes as far as offering tax incentives to companies like Wal-Mart to drop any insurance coverage in exchange for paying a minimum tax. Other businesses may opt to offer a cut-rate form of health care insurance coverage to their workers.

The Schwarzenegger proposal requires all California residents to purchase health insurance, but does not address the costs of this insurance or whether they can afford to buy it or the amount of coverage or quality of care. A far better Democratic single payer bill passed the legislature last year, but Republican Schwarzenegger vetoed the bill, and instead came out with this absurd insurance industry backed proposal which does little more than line their pockets, leaving the public without a realistic plan to solve the problems of public health or those who are uninsured.

Both the California AFL-CIO and the largest nurse's union in the state are lining up against the empty big insurance industry backed Schwarzenegger proposal. Likely the former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney, will also run on a platform of his empty health proposal with his campaign for president, not telling the public that the Devil is in the details. Mitt Romney is already attracting big money support from the billionaire Ebay CEO, Meg Whitman, as well as wealthy real estate tycoons and others for another big business oligarchy government to run America.

Bush's government since the 2000 election was little more than an oligarchy coup by big business when Bush lost the election's popular vote. Bush lost the the election's popular vote by over 500,000 votes, but was declared president by the right wing dominated U.S. Supreme Court. This same illegitimate government which was not even democratically elected in the U.S. then claimed to want to bring democracy to the MidEast, but instead brought the terrorist Hamas organization to power in the Palestinian region, and Shiite militia groups and their respective parties to power in Iraq, and radical Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran , in three bungled MidEast elections.

Schwarzenegger won re-election running on empty proposals sounding like a Democrat at election time, but remaining in the pocket of big business all the way. His latest "health plan" is a big pay back to the insurance lobby industry. What else can you expect?


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