Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hillary Clinton Launches Exploratory Effort With New Video Posting

Hillary Clinton stunned political experts with here surprise posting of a new video annoucement of her start of a presidential campaign exploratory committee early Saturday morning. Shortly after disclosing her intentions in an interview to CNN's John Roberts, the video appeared on , helping Clinton to reclaim some lost supporter and donor momentum and media coverage to Senator Barack Obama, her main rival for the nomination.

This past week, both Clinton and Obama started efforts to write legislation related to the conduct of the Iraq War, hoping to establish positions with voters as well gain media publicity. Little doubt both wil now champion other efforts in the Senate, especially since the Democratic majority allows for introduction of more bills that might have previously been tied up in committees when the Republican leadership could have more easily killed off many Democratic bills.

Gaining positive publicity as well as collecting donations from donors will become very important by both major Democratic candidates ahead of some early debates that will soon take place among the declared Democratic candidates for president.


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