Saturday, January 20, 2007

Senator Sam Brownback, Far Right Politician, Announces His Run For President

Just what the nation needed, Senator Sam Brownback, the far right Republican from Kansas has declared himself a candidate for the presidency. Brownback may be the most radical right of any Christian conservative in the Senate. Brownback left mainstream Protestantism for the radical right organization known as The Family, then in 2002 joined the Roman Catholic Church after being influenced by Opus Dei Priest, Father John McCloskey III. It is now suspected that Brownback is a member of this secretative controversial organization which was subject of the fictional DA VINCI CODE book and movie.

Brownback is generally seen as an enemy of the Bill Of Rights, although he did raise some questions about the Bush NSA wiretapping program. Brownback along with Senator Orrin Hatch posted an outrageous editorial in the Moonie cult owned WASHINGTON TIMES urging that obscenity laws be reinstated against a California couple in their 20's who ran an adult entertainment website were prosecuted in a conservative area of Pennsylvania by Federal prosecutor Mary Beth Buchanan who also prosecuted comedian Tommy Chong for selling some bongs over the internet to a police entrapment sting effort in the district. A Federal judge felt that the First Admendment and the right to privacy protected free expression over the internet, but Brownback strongly disagreed. Brownback does not believe in the public right of privacy.

Among religious right political extremists, Brownback will find some audience of support, but more likely a big business conservative like former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney who has attracted the support of Ebay CEO billionaire, Meg Whitman, and big real estate tycoons will capture the Republican Party's right wing support and money trail. Thankfully Brownback will not be running for reelection in 2010. And he will likely run poorly for president in 2008, denying him the opportunity to exert more social control over the average American's life. Brownback's warped social philosophy that government should be used to force his personal religious views on others, while maintaining a rock bottom bad Senate voting record on issues involving working class persons, makes Brownback perhaps the worst U.S. Senator for working people.


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