Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tonight's Better Bets Than Trump's APPRENTICE

Each week I'm starting a new feature around here; much better bets than watching the obnoxious Donald Trump and his APPRENTICE show. For me, I get more than enough of the "Donald" with his near daily attacks on comic Rosie O'Donnell than I care for. I'm not about to spend another hour on Sunday night to watch the loud mouthed Trump condemn more persons; I get more than enough of that the rest of the week from the Trumpster.

On the SciFi Channel, a promising new series involving a detective with supernatural powers called THE DRESDEN FILES premiers tonight. This looks far better than listening to more of Trump.

The beloved Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter's very last documentary airs tonight on Animal Planet. Steve Irwin was at least a very nice man, beloved the world over compared to the loud and abusive, and berating Trump.

A brand new episode of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES airs tonight on ABC. Compared to the crummy drama created by Trump on a near daily basis attacking Rosie O'Donnell, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES predictaments are always very entertaining.

Although it's nearing the tailend of January, with not the greatest offerings compared to the great programming of February sweeps, there is still plenty of great programming. This also includes the excellent new NBC Sunday night, with the great DEAL OR NO DEAL, GREASE and the return of the excellent, quirky drama, CROSSING JORDAN. If viewers can just switch channels during the Trumpsters tirade program, then NBC's Sunday night is darn near perfect entertainment.


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