Sunday, January 21, 2007

Rumors Emerge Than Hillary Clinton's Campaign Is Spreading Negative Stories About Barack Obama

There are some rumors beginning to float that Hillary Clinton's campaign is looking for ways to "Swift Boat" rival candidate Barack Obama. One of the worst of these is bringing up the story that the Senator attended a Muslim school while just six years old. Senator Obama is indeed a Christian and not a Muslim, and the school might have had predominantly Muslim students at the time, but was not a Muslim religious school according to CNN sources for example. Yet if the Hillary Clinton campaign is the source of such stories as this, then it is a pathetic attempt to play up the public fears about the Muslim faith, only heightened since 9/11.

Hillary Clinton's icy cold image with voters will not be helped very much with outrageous smears like this if her campaign is really the source of such negative garbage attacks meant to damage the image of Barack Obama by inferrence of some ties to the Muslim faith to elict fear among voters.

On Hillary Clinton's website, her video was a surprising effective chat with voters. A far cry from her sometimes shrill style that annoys many voters. It was a good start. But negative attacks on her rival, if proven to link back to her campaign are just what voters don't want from her. It only reinforces the negative image of the Clinton's as doing whatever it takes, and leaving ethics blowing away in the wind. This image is perhaps the biggest opponent of Hillary Clinton, not her main rival, Barack Obama.


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