Monday, January 22, 2007

Family Of Radio Stunt Victim Struggle To Pay Funeral Costs

The family of Jennifer Stranger, the Sacramento, California woman who died as a result of a water drinking contest to win a Wii game playing system on Sacramento radio station, KDND 107.9, are struggling to afford the high costs to bury this victim of this fatal radio stunt. And so far the radio station has offered no help to the family with these costs.

This is a typical example of a poor person being exploited by a multimillion dollar big business for public amusement, and then when they are injured or killed, big business avoiding any responsibilty for their shameless exploitation of the poor.

If Jennifer Strange had a better standard of living, she would not have been forced into participation in such a high risk and dangerous stunt as the water drinking contest. The disc jockeys even laughed off concerns of a nurse who called in with a health warning, proving a callous disregard for human life for this wealthy radio station business only concerned with ratings.

Hopefully a good attorney will step forth and help represent this family in a wrongful death lawsuit and local prosecutors will look at this incident and consider criminal charges as well. Fun is one thing, but exploitation of the poor into performing life threatening stunts to benefit a business that sells expensive ads that run every few minutes is entirely another matter.


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