Thursday, November 23, 2006

Weird Al Discusses Michael Richards' "Zone".

In a quick little on-street interview, Weird Al Yankovic discussed how Michael Richards used to go "into a zone" during the UHF film they worked together on a few years ago, a spout out outrageous comedy without even thinking. In reality, probably many comics such as Robin William also get "into this zone" as well. Off the top of their head, a creative process of telling jokes just flows. But in the case of Michael Richards, the jokes just were not funny and bombed terribly, and he is no doubt heartbroken at the results. The public needs to be understanding of Richards, that he has missed some major opportunities since SEINFELD, such as the lead character in MONK, and now has ruined his opportunity at stand-up comedy, which is hardly setting the world on fire. Mr. Richards is a very good comic, who has been the victim of many unfortunate bad career decisions since SEINFELD and deserves some level of pity and forgiveness. Don Rickles and others have handled insult comedy far better than Richards did a few nights ago. Rickles, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Carlos Mencia and Jay Leno would use racial, ethnic and other comedy insults, but in a far funnier matter than the horriby failed effort of Richards which came across as simply insulting and mean, and much of the audience simply got up and left. It's hard to pick up the pieces after such a bad act, but that's about all that Richards can do. Some would like Richards to stop performing after this, but that's too cruel for someone whose jokes horriby failed when he went "into a zone" a few nights ago, and the "zone" simply was not funny like usual.


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