Monday, November 13, 2006

Iraqi Prime Minister Hopes To Arrange The Deck Chairs On The Titantic

Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri Al-Maliki, now claims that adjusting some cabinet positions is somehow the key to improved security in Iraq. This is hardly the answer to the declining security situation in Iraq.

Just last week, Maliki made statements that accused both Jews and Israel for the sectarian violence problems in Iraq, although not a single shred of evidence supports this outrageous and absurd view. The Iraqi parliament is dominated by many Shiite militia groups such as the one associated with radical antiAmerican cleric al-Sadr, and Nouri Al-Maliki draws his political power from these radical militia groups. Al-Maliki steadfastly refuses to clamp down on these milita groups or their death squad supporters. As much as 70% of the Iraqi police mat be aligned with Shiite militias that routinely abduct and kill Sunni citizans who hold only weak power in the Iraqi parliament.

Al Qaeda is simply too weak to ever control Iraq, as only about 500 Iraqi and 500 foreign fighters belong to this terrorist organization, but the total of Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish militia members run into the hundreds of thousands, and far all intents have established a terrorist government, mainly of Shiite militia groups. American soliers have even been put under restrictions by the current Iraqi government, and told which militia groups they are even allowed to fight or attempt to disarm.

There is really no way for American soldiers to secure such a situation because of the problems the current government in Iraq causes and how this government actively promotes sectarian violence. Al-Maliki may think that blaming Jews for the violence or some minor cabinet post changes are what is needed in Iraq. But a whole new government, free of militia groups and massive corruption and inclusive of Sunni, Kurdish as well as Shiite members to promote a geniune peace and a real commitment to Iraqi security is really what's needed, not just some meaningless deck chair change on the Titantic.


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