Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Doors Release Their Greatest Ever Boxed Set

The surviving members of The Doors have set aside their differences long enough to work together to release their greatest ever boxed set and a new book. The feuding betwern former drummer John Densmore and Ray Manzerek and Robbie Kreiger started a few years ago when Densmore led the families of Jim Morrison and his common law wife, Pamela Courson, into a lawsuit which prevented Manzerek and Kreiger from licensing Doors songs such as BREAK ON THROUGH to Cadillac for TV advertising purposes. About all this did was to cut some people out of sharing some royalty money that they could probably benefit from. The Who and others had no problem licensing their songs to TV such as CSI, and it keeps their name out there.

Densmore's lawsuit made no real sense, and only led to a feud with Manzerek and Kreiger, whose attempt at creating a new Doors revival band was quickly ruined by Densmore's lawsuit. But now it seems like all is set aside for the release of a great new boxed set release.

PERCEPTION is a 12 disc boxed set that sells for over $100, that features 6 cds of the original six Doors studio albums with extra unreleased tracks that have all been beautifully remastered by longtime Doors engineer, Bruce Botnick. Some of these items are very interesting, although nearly all fall far below the excellent quality of the final released Doors classics. The Doors would often kick around a song for many years before it was finely crafted into an experted done rock classic. Some Doors songs existed for nearly as long as 1967 before making it onto the final 1971 LA WOMAN album for example. Many of the songs seem a little more blues oriented than many of the final Doors classic from their studio albums as well. The Doors certainly were not a blues outfit like Canned Heat, but certainly had a very tradition steeped in the blues as the bonus tracks more than indicate.

But what really makes PERCEPTION really stand out is the six DVDs that come with each studio cd, with each album remastered into Dolby 5.1 surround sound, an great video footage from concerts and other Doors historic landmarks. It is these six DVDs in the beautiful Dolby 5.1 surround sound and the video footage that is a real prize and really makes this box set far away the best Doors box set ever released. This is must have for Doors fans and the definitive collection of their fantastic and haunting classics which only seem to grow better and better with age. Jim Morrison was only a backing vocalist in the early version of The Doors before the release of their 1967 album, but is now seen as one of the greatest rock performers ever. PERCEPTION is a powerful statement to prove the greatness of The Doors.


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