Tuesday, November 21, 2006

SEINFELD Star, Michael Richards, Hits A Rough Personal Patch

Former beloved SEINFELD star, Michael Richards hit a really rough personal patch this week when his Los Angeles standup comedy performance didn't go very well and he went into a racist tirade after he was heckled by some disappointed club customers who felt that Richards simply was not funny. Last night, in a obvious state of dispair, Richards gave a rambling apology on a satellite feed on DAVID LETTERMAN that almost raised more questions than it really resolved.

Michael Richards is a serious actor who puts up his very best effort in anything that he does. He is also an avid reader as well. But since SEINFELD, success just hasn't come as easy.

One of the big breaks for Richards after SEINFELD was a new comedy program for NBC. But the pilot was a very disappointing mystery/sitcom that test audiences simply did not like at all, and after being rewritten as a more typical sitcom, the larger NBC viewing public also did not like THE MICHAEL RICHARDS SHOW either. In another sad twist, some debate exist whether Michael Richards opted out of the opportunity to play MONK, as even the character was written for him, and Tony Shaloub went on to win Emmy awards in this big cable hit comedy detective show.

Michael Richards simply has not had that had that big break since SEINFELD that has gone his way. Before SEINFELD, Richards was first known as the lovable big loaf who was childlike in ABC's s answer to SNL, FRIDAYS, who played with army men in a sandbox with an army helmut and his t-shirt, setting fire to his toys. A few years later in Weird Al's UHF, Richards was excellent as janitor Standley Spadowski, and one of his very best roles ever.

Richards is actually a sensitive man who cares very much about his work. He is no doubt frustrated that success is simply not coming very easy like during the SEINFELD years. But for most of the cast, lightning has not struck twice either. About all Richards can do is to hope for a new big break, but his latest outburst only pulls him further from that goal. Life after a major sitcom success can indeed be very frustrating. We only wish Richards the very best.


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