Sunday, November 12, 2006

60 MINUTES Will Celebrate The Life Of The Great Ed Bradley Tonight

Tonight, 60 MINUTES will be mostly a tribute to their great friend, Ed Bradley. Bradley was a very great man and will be greatly missed from the series. Despite losing his hair to chemotherapy from his cancer, Bradley continued to offer some great late interviews including one with Howard Stern that was a lot of fun. But it was his many years of work that really defined the greatness of Bradley.

Starting out as a teacher, who also spun jazz records as a disc jockey, Bradley evolved into a reporter covering the Vietnam War and was wounded in a mortar attack. Later while reporting on the Vietnamese boat people, Bradley helped to rescue these people rather than merely report the story, and won a journalism award and quickly became a beloved journalist to many Americans. Bradley added a great deal to the reporting on 60 MINUTES, known for being a cool guy when interviewing musicians or singers like Mick Jagger, or being tough with business weasels who cheat the poor.

Bradley was a real class act, a very great man, and of great character and ability. 60 MINUTES just will not be he same without him. I strongly recommend that you set your VCRs or DVD recorders to record tonight's tribute to Bradley. You'll want to save this program .


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