Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Right Wing Bloggers' Credibility Takes A Huge Hit

Not only has the political right taken a real hit by losing control of Congress last month and only representing about 32% of American voters, but now the right is further damaging themselves by hurting any credibility or integrity standing. In the last few days some right wing journalists such as MICHELLE MALKIN and FLOPPING ACES have really left themselves out to dry by going out a crazy limb and first attempting to claim that six Sunni worshippers were not burned alive by an angry Shiite mob in response to the car bomb attacks that killed or wounded over 400 in the massive Shiite Sadr City Shiite slum area. AP quickly responded to this attack on their credibility by citing credible examples of witnesses such as a physician, grocery store owner and bookstore owners who witnessed the murders. And AP presented photographic proof that the Mustata Mosque had both the front door and a wall badly damaged by apparent bomb blast damage, and extensive interior damage to the Mosque was present as well. Instead of eating "crow", the right wing bloggers are back at with even thinner nonsense today.

Today, the right wing blogger over at FLOPPING ACES is down to questioning whether an informant to AP, an Iraqi police Captain Jamil Gholaiem Hussein even exists. And this website even uses Google Earth mapping to attempt to "prove" that this Iraqi police captain could not cover events only 5 miles away, somehow unable to believe that technology such as automobiles, telephones or computers exist in Iraq. In the last couple days, a letter from a U.S. Navy Lt. Michael Bean was paraded by right wing bloggers that questioned whether "Captain Hussein" even exists. For some reason the right wing bloggers over at FLOPPING ACES and MICHELLE MALKIN can't seem to understand that AP is likely using the name of "Captain Hussein" as an alais to protect the life and identity of an important informant to AP from being murdered by militia group death squads. This may be too deep of a concept for right wing bloggers to digest, but I'm sure most persons will clearly understand that security for important important news informants is critical in dangerous areas like Iraq. But the political right seem convinced in the their own sappy and far fetched conspiracy theory world view that because "Captain Jamil Gholaiem Hussein" could be be an alais to protect an important news informant from danger, then that means that AP makes up the news from Iraq. How the right can subscribe to such a silly premise defies common sense. But AP spokesperson, Linda Wagner already released a response to right wing bloggers citing that AP uses many sources when reporting a story.

In the last few days the right wing bloggers have gone from denying that six Sunni worshippers were burned alive to attempting to find some reason to attack the credibility of a single AP informant among many. This is simply pathetic.


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