Friday, November 24, 2006

Will The Iraqi Government Collapse Soon?

With renewed sectarian violence in Iraq at an all-time high, and threats from the faction of nearly 40 parliament members associated with the radical cleric Sadr to withdraw from the government if Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki meets with President Bush next week in Jordan, it may signal that the government in Iraq is nearing collapse very soon. This will leave the U.S. in a deep problem of how to replace this government since it decided to pursue the failed path of democratic elections for a nation not at all ready for democracy. Normally an ineffective government could simply be replaced by the U.S. with another puppet government, bendable to U.S. foreign policy goals. With the increased violence in Iraq, and the government not seeming to be shored up no matter what the U.S. does, the U.S. is no doubt considering legal options to bring a reliable ally such as Dr. Ayad Allawi into power, while holdong out only a faint hope for the success of the al-Maliki government. With no militia group to truly call his own, al-Maliki's hold on power in Iraq has always been very weak to say the least, only borrowing some support from Shiite militia groups.


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