Friday, November 24, 2006

Buying Locally Keeps $45 In Your Local Community

Some economic studies have concluded that when buyers buy locally, they are keeping $45 in their local community compared to buyers who buy at big national chains such as Wal-Mart in which only $14 stays in the local community. In this coming holiday season, this speaks highly for buying at smaller shops and dealers in order to keep more money in your community for jobs and schools. Even worse, large retailers seem to depend more and more on goods that imported from nations such as China that sends much of the money out of the country. In fact the purchase of any larger imported goods such as sutomobiles, electronics, etc. sends a significant amount of cash flow out of the U.S., and with a very bad trade deficit, it is deeply difficult for the U.S. to get much of this money back through trade as the U.S. exports except for agriculture lag badly behind most other importers volume.


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